So really, who is Brian Diamond (and how many times will the words “Brian Diamond” show up in this bio)?
Again, good question.

The words used to describe Brian Diamond… cannot be used on Network Television.
Some people have labeled him “Everyone’s Best Friend”, while others have referred to him as “THAT @#$%^&*!”
At times, he has simply been known as “the defendant.” Not to say he’s been in trouble, but one time his headshot was posted outside a courthouse with the words “Appearing all this week.”

Originally from Sacramento, California, Brian Diamond has been a non-profit actor and comedian since 1990.
By 2002, he had been in all 50 states: the state of shock, the state of confusion, the state of…you get the joke.
No really, he performed stand-up comedy in all 50 states in America—and nine countries. That is a pretty lofty feat when we consider this was all before the Internet, e-mail and DVD’s. To get booked in these gigs, Brian would stand in line at places called Post Offices and mail out these square plastic things called VHS tapes.
If you’re not familiar with VHS tapes, these relics can be found at the Smithsonian Institute in the Jurassic Exhibit.

Along the way, Brian Diamond honed his skills as an actor. He’s had small roles in movies.
If you’ve seen Avatar, Independence Day, The Matrix… well, Brian Diamond appeared in none of those.
For the roles he’s been in, if you blink, you might miss him. His credits include “Man with glass” and “Man in car.”
As for television, he has often been seen on…the editing room floor.

In 2004, he wrote and produced his own one-man play “Virgo: Hebrew Rising.”
After extensive negotiations, he landed the lead role—for a six-week run in Los Angeles.
In 2007, the show ran again for four weeks in Sacramento to rave review (that’s singular folks).

It’s safe to say Brian Diamond has paid more dues than a union carpenter.
With so many years in show business, he has collected quite a few fans: