One Man Show

Virgo: Hebrew Rising – Anxiety done to perfection

Virgo: Hebrew Rising is the melding of a comedian’s take on life with the serious themes that philosophers have wrestled with for millennium—“Why are we the way we are? Why do we have the personality we do?”

This one-man play—written, performed and executive produced by Brian Diamond—takes you on an exhilarating and unsettling path of self-exploration, rooted in the breakup with his girlfriend. Love and loss is the substance of epic stories; in this story Brian leads you from South Central Los Angeles—where where he grew up as the son of deaf parents in a nearly all-black neighborhood—and through his parents’ divorce. You witness him dealing with the near-catastrophic theft of his mother’s worldly possessions by a derelict boyfriend, and watch Brian reenact signing for his deaf father who was certain that every repairman was out to rip him off because he couldn’t hear.

Money—the want of it, the lack of it, the loss of it, the neurotic misunderstanding of it—becomes a drumbeat in his life, and like many of us, the calculus of cash begins to invade his life.

With Brian’s reaction to his girlfriend leaving him because she wanted to be happy and not worry about money, the play examines a series of questions: Where does anxiety come from? Are we nuts because of our parents? Our astrological sign? Our religion? Does money or the lack of money shape our personality? The story is honest, candid, thought provoking, and in true autobiographical fashion, Brian takes us into the dark corners of his life from which we emerge both jovial and wiser.

The show ran for six weeks in 2004 at the Lex Theater in Los Angeles and sold out every week.  The show was also performed at the University of Judaism in 2005 where it was billed as “Imagine if your psychology professor was a standup comedian.”  In 2007 the show was brought to Sacramento for a four-week run at the Sacramento Theater Company. Virgo sold out nearly every performance and was the best selling show of the Sacramento Theater Company’s 2007-2008 season.

Virgo: Hebrew Rising, an evocative journey of self-discovery laced with a comedian’s take on life and cash.

Here is what critics said about Virgo: Hebrew Rising…

“Diamond does have a gift for storytelling…There is a very funny and poignant Diamond in this…”

-Patty Roberts, Sacramento News & Review

“At one point…his laughter suddenly turns into pain as he rejects all responsibility… [He] laughs again, bringing the audience to their feet with applause for his bravura performance.”

-David Jacobson, Folsom Life

“Diamond’s goal is to get people laughing—and he hits that goal again and again.”

-Jeff Hudson, Capitol Public Radio

“This show is worthy of a Tony Award!”

-Brian’s friend Tony